Swallowed by the hive...

We, amesoeurs, are the children of this sad and metallic century; receptors capturing the aggressive and unhealthy waves of the industrial era. We have always been equally disgusted and fascinated by everything relating to cities and urban lifestyle, that is to say the endless rows of grey and threatening buildings, the throng of souls that they accomodate, the perpetual motion, the danger, the winding alleyways, the smoky and dubious bars, old graffitis, train stations, casinos and other hostile gaming rooms, the freezing neon lights, nightlife, technology, futuristic buildings, sex, depravation, poverty, anxiety, filth, the suffocating smells of pollution combined with sweat, shit and piss.

Human beings have been perverted, swallowed up by urban lifestyle, they have sold their souls cheap. We live in a hell made of metal and concrete where frightened men get lost and merge into one another like the insects of a gigantic hive. Shadows amongst shadows, they more or less carry out their shitty jobs and then drown their issues and sorrow in intoxication. Television, booze, cigs, and constrained laughs are the ways to forget...

The number of degenerates and depressives is increasing each day, narcotics are the latest fashion candies, streets are swarming with junkies and repulsive hobos, AIDS has infiltrated syringes left on public benches. It flows along with drugs, sperm and tears into the veins of the Metropolis.

We are neither intellectuals nor politicians and don't have any message to pass on. We just want to FEEL, contemplate and ECHO the sound that the modern world and its absurdities have inspired us with.

Amesoeurs is a spit, the only way we have to spew out the anxiety and frustration tied to the difficulties of existence and the pursuit of happiness in our modern society.

Breve história discográfica: Formados em 2004, os Amesoeurs lançam um EP 2 anos depois. Chamado Ruines Humaines é fantástico, contém 3 músicas belíssimas que iriam definir o estilo da banda para a posteridade: um shoegazing com muitas nuances black metal, ao bom estilo Alcest mas mais directo e muito post-punk. São bandas parecidas por causa de Neige, membro de ambas, mas têm sonoridades distintas, com direcções diferentes. Pouco depois lançam um split com os Valfunde, o qual ainda não ouvi. Em 2009 lançaram um LP homónimo brilhante que fecha o ciclo da banda, uma vez que acabaram. A razão.

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